Abraham Serena 👋🏻

Software Engineer
Kwan Technology
📍WFH, México

As a highly motivated and dedicated software engineer, I am constantly seeking opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge in the field. I am excited about the chance to showcase my abilities and potential as a software developer. I thrive when faced with challenging projects that require me to think outside of my comfort zone and expand my skill set. I am passionate about learning new technologies and programming languages, and I am always on the lookout for new development techniques to improve my craft.

In addition to being an enthusiastic coder, I am also a responsible and proactive team player who is easy to work with. I have a creative mindset, and I am always looking for ways to automate repetitive tasks and optimize processes. I believe that this attention to detail and efficiency is essential to creating the best solutions on the market.

I am also well-versed in Agile development methodologies and have experience in working in Scrum teams. I have experience in mentoring junior developers and leading small projects. I am highly organized and efficient in my work, and I always strive to deliver high-quality results on time.


Software Engineer @ Kwan Tecnología
📅 Apr 2022 - Present
📍 Remote, México
Developing and maintaining software for scheduling and managing the operations of multiple companies.
Working with a variety of technologies, including Java, JavaScript, React, to name a few.
Cooperate in the implementation of the architecture and the technical specifications of our employee scheduling and management tools and systems.
Perform the development of technological solutions by using best practices and by respecting guidelines and processes in software development and information security.
Participate in all stages of software development, from analysis to delivery and production support.
Software Engineer @ Softtek
📅 Jul 2020 - Apr 2022
📍 Remote, México
Inherent Magento 2 functionalities that are adapted to the needs of the customer.
Help the client to find the best possible technical solution to solve their problems.
Designed, built, tested and implemented stand-alone modules.
Custom theme developed (frontend) based on customer needs and best practices to enhance e-commerce.
Integrated and custom third-party extensions.
Track and fix bugs found at some developmental stages.
Development of the refund functionality with different payment methods as well as the option to run this functionality automatically with cronjobs.
Digital Developer Intern @ Softtek
📅 Oct 2019 - Jul 2020
📍 Aguascalientes, México
Develop/Training backend solutions using Java, Springboot, JPA.
Develop front-end solutions using HTML, Javascript, Angular, CSS.
Create unit tests using JUnit and Mockito.
Use Test-Driven Design as a software development technique.
Use Maven to build and test the application and run SQL scripts into the database.